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Find out what factors affect the cost of a deck, compare the price of various decking ... composite has an exterior layer of PVC surrounding a composite core, and is available in a ... A capped composite deck can cost $20-28 per square foot .

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The average cost of composite decking is $4-$8 per square foot. Azek – the average cost per square foot is $7.82. Trex – the average cost is $6.78 per square foot.

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The average composite deck costs around $5 per square foot without installation. With installation, average composite deck prices are around $10-$12 per square foot. Average 300 square foot deck costs with composite wood are around $1550 without installation and around $3000-$3500 with installation.

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If we tracked the next day's activities and found it took 7.5 hours to install the remaining 150 square feet of decking, the rate on that day would be 0.0500 hours per square foot (7.5 hours divided by 150 square feet).

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The total project cost for a Trex deck ranges from $1,500 to $2,200 for a 250-square-foot deck. Trex Select (basic quality) averages approximately $7 per square foot, Trex Enhance (higher quality) is approximately $8 per square foot, while Trex Transcend (the highest grade) ranges between $9 and $9.50 per square foot.

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